Charlie's Smokehouse

Daily Store Hours
9am – 5pm
Our online store will be opened on October 11th for pre-orders. Orders will start shipping the week of October 18th.

In the first weeks of online ordering—we can only ship within the Midwest to Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Areas outside this zone will still be considered too warm for shipping. We will open up more areas for shipping as the weather changes.

Shipping Information

Where do we ship?

Our fish when sent to customers is never packaged with ice or dry-ice. Due to this factor temperatures determine our shippable distance within the United States. Generally, for this reason Florida and some other southern states are usually exempt. Generally, we need high temperatures no more than _____ and low temperatures no more than _____. Depending on the weather, your order may be delayed a few days to ensure it arrives safe for you to consume. If you are looking to order and think you may be in a state with too warm of temperatures please contact us for more information so we may determine this for you.

If I have multiple items in my cart how are they shipped?

More often than not, items being shipped to the same address and ordered in the same cart will be packaged and shipped together.

What days do orders get shipped?

Orders are processed upon submission and shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays. For orders to Wisconsin and Chicago orders are sometimes shipped on Wednesday.

Is there a holiday rush?

Yes, we are quite busy during the holiday season. To ensure our employees may enjoy time with their families our last ship date for Christmas is two weeks prior. Please make sure your order is submitted two weeks before the Monday of the week Christmas is in. Sometimes, we receive an influx of orders and sell out; we advise ordering as soon as possible and storing in a deep freezer.

How do I know my order will be shipped at the right time?

Our shipping experts evaluate, pack, and ship each order to determine the best shipping method for you and your product.