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Atlantic Salmon

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Our best seller, the Atlantic Salmon is an ocean raised fish from Chile. It has a milder salmon flavor and has an oilier texture compared to the Pacific Salmon. This is also the only filleted fish we offer and so it has no bones for ease of eating.

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24 reviews for Atlantic Salmon

  1. Jill

    I have been buying from Charlie’s for years. I came for the chubs, which are no longer available. I stayed for the Smoked Atlantic Salmon, which is my new favorite! It is sweet, moist and flavorful. Also keeps frozen for months without loss of flavor.

  2. Darcy Otto

    We’ve been customers for years, and Charlie’s has never let us down. Our favorite is the Atlantic Salmon. Between our kids and the adults, I don’t know who loves their smoked fish more! We always feel sad when our fish is all gone; it’s such a treat.

  3. Will Raysby

    We have been buying Charlies for years and never been disappointed. We have tried others and theirs is the BEST. We used to live in Illinois and now have it shipped to our new home in South Carolina. It makes a great compliment to any holiday event.

  4. David

    The best ever smoked Atlantic salmon.

  5. Marti Henry

    I’ve been buying Charlie’s Smoked Pacific Salmon since I spent a few summers in Fish Creek back in 1979. I tried the Atlantic Salmon last year and was blown away by the incredible taste. Always arrives on time and in perfect condition. Our Christmas is not complete without it. The only bad thing is that they don’t mail order in the summer! Boo Hoo.

  6. Carina

    Charlie’s Smokehouse salmon has been a family tradition for years during the holidays and we tried this particular Salmon last year and it was the best flavor we’d EVER tasted! I mean we all did a happy dance in the kitchen when it arrived it was just so ridiculously decadent. It almost feels like you’re eating something forbidden it’s so delicious! We’re totally hooked 😉

  7. Mary Hanson

    Your Atlantic salmon is the best I’ve ever tasted and my sister’s annual Christmas gift just makes the season something special!

  8. Thomas J Vittor (verified owner)

    absolutely great

  9. LILLI SCHAEFER (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best. Love the packaging with the local newspaper 🙂 in the box!. After trying some fresh warm smoked salmon while on vacation in Door County, we’re now a loyal on-line customer because we’re 350 miles away from the store. Thanks, Charlie, for making it possible for folks to enjoy your delicious smoked fish with shipping options!

  10. Gary

    None better!!. Have tried smoked fish (usually center cut Atlantic Salmon) at dozens of other places over the years and by far, Charlies is THE BEST. If there were a sixth start, I’d give it. Our out-of-state son and 5 year old grandson are now hooked on Charlie’s smokes fish as well. So good and so good for you. Usually a regular to the Door County area, but current travel restrictions mean on-line shopping to get my fish fix.

  11. Richard Thompson

    Loved the smoked Atlantic Salmon. Will order again. Great, great, great. Wished I lived closer so I could buy more often, in person. Thanks again for such a good job done.

  12. Valerie and Thomas Beverly

    I’ve lived in California, worked in Washington State, and a eight year working resident in Yokosuka and Yokohama Japan. Simply put …. It’s the best smoked Salmon my wife and I have EVER eaten! … and it’s not even close! AMAZINGLY good!

  13. Les Brindley (verified owner)

    My wife and I have eaten smoked salmon from Scotland, Norway, London, Alaska, Washington state, Oregon and Maine and have smoked our own many times. But this salmon was better than all of them. Simply outstanding and unmatched. Well done!

  14. Steve Jacobson (verified owner)

    On Christmas day, we had an incredible feast to Celebrate our Lord’s Birthday. The Smoked Atlantic Salmon was the highlight of the meal, and proclaimed by everyone there as “the best smoked fish ever”!! So great in fact that I just placed another order for more and will share it with those who could not attend. Thanks!!

  15. Steve Jacobson (verified owner)

    Just made our 3rd order since Christmas. And I believe our daughter just ordered 5#….Thats a pretty ringing endorsement I’d say!

  16. Gary l Mattillion (verified owner)


  17. marianne.metz (verified owner)

    Absolutely thee BEST smoked salmon we have ever had!! My parents brought it to Christmas(comment above) and we were all hooked. Got our first delivery yesterday and already have another order in today. You will NOT be dissapointed! Thank you Charlies Smokehouse!!!

  18. TAD ROGOZINSKI (verified owner)

    I just got my order and I order another one! I tried all different smoked Salomon THIS IS THE BEST! You got customers for life. Thank you.

  19. Olivia Kauls (verified owner)

    Thank you so much, this is the best smoked salmon. I ordering some for Christmas gifts! again Thank you

  20. Margaret Spatula

    The best smoke fish I ever had. I have had over 50 different ones. By far this is the best. I will be purchasing it forever. Kids love it too.

  21. Kevin

    Best smoked salmon I’ve had and I’ve tried a lot of it all over the country. Thank you Charlie.

  22. Leslie

    The BEST Atlantic Smoked Salmon!!! I found a package in my freezer, I double freezer bag the salmon, and once it thawed, it was soooo good. It had to be pre-covid shutdown. What a joy it was. I have since found one more piece. I can’t wait, maybe for Chritmas or New Years. Can’t go wrong with Charlies!!!

  23. Nancy Bode

    I can’t visit Door County without stopping at Charlies for smoked fish. This time I bought the Atlantic Salmon and wish I had bought more. Its delicious! I am happy to see that I can order it online.

  24. Kevin Lill

    The best smoked salmon there is , we stopped up there while on a motorcycle ride and couldn`t resist the smell .

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